Summer Cafe Series TBT Edition – The Hammock Kafe, Kichijoji

So this is completely, horribly, terribly late. I went to this cafe over a month ago, the summer is almost over, and this post has been languishing in my drafts folder for more than a month. However this cafe is super fun, quirky, and so very Tokyo that I would hate for people not to know about!

There are not a huge amount of pictures, because you aren’t allowed to take pictures inside (not even of the food.) The Mahika Mano Hammock Cafe + Gallery is a photo galley and hammock cafe. What does that mean?

Hammocks to wait in outside!

It means you eat in hammocks! Chair hammocks, like the ones in the picture, or the normal hammocks like the ones you lay down in on your porch. It takes a little getting used to – I mean we don’t normally swing and eat – but it is definitely a relaxing experience.

Like I always suggest, go during lunch. They have a pretty nice lunch set that will run you 1200 – 1500 yen, with a full meal, and coffee or tea. The food is all insanely healthy. It will tell you what antioxidants the meal might have, how it might lower your cholesterol, what is low in fat, et cetera. For my health conscious friend on the left, that was a huge plus. I didn’t particularly like my food, but that was because I only skimmed the menu and didn’t realize my pork bowl came with furikake on it. As someone who is not a huge fan of fish flakes, that kind of ruined the appeal.

However this disappointing meal was more than made up for by the desserts. I had creme brulee, and another friend had a weird vegan pudding thing, and another friend had a cheesecake. The pudding and the creme brulee were AMAZING. So delicious, so worth it.

A couple of notes about the space. This place is normally insanely packed. We went a little off from the peak lunch time on a Friday, so we were not alone, but we didn’t need to fight to get in. Almost every other time I passed it, there was a line out the door. So you might want to go on an off time to have a more relaxing experience – otherwise there is a time limit.

Second, but important for the vain people among us, is that you have to take off your shoes. I had packed all my clothes that I wasn’t leaving or wearing again. This meant I was wearing socks with holes in them. Everyone else, because this is Japan, was dressed adorably from their head to their toes. So if you care what people think, paint your toes and lotion your ankles.

Finally, the place is a little tricky to find. It’s really close to the station, but as you can see it is fairly hidden. So follow the directions below, and head on your adventure!

It’s totally worth it, just to say you’ve been to a hammock cafe!

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