Week of Fun! (7/14 – 7/24)

So I had a pretty awesome week and a half. I finally got settled in, both at work and at my apartment, and I found out there are quite a few friends I didn’t know were in Boston who are here for the summer!

For a brief recap, and also an unofficial list of things to do if YOU are in Boston during the summer, read on!


So I have never been to trivia, mostly because it is often in bars and often 21+ in Boston. But since all of my friends (for the most part) have officially entered that magic age, I decided to go with a double whammy of trivia this past week.

First, we hit up Modern Underground, for Questionnarey/Quiznation/Family feud style trivia. They send out a survey to the nation during the week, and then you have to answer what the “Average American” thinks. It turns out the average American is kind of dumb – I mean squirrels do NOT run away from you, and tanks aren’t commonly used in the military – but it was really fun and we got third! Modern Underground does their trivia every Wednesday at 7:30. For future reference, this bar is in the North End underneath Modern Pastry.

The next trivia was at everyone’s favorite bookstore/cafe, Trident! I had actually never been in Trident prior to this weekend, and it seems like a really fun place. Unfortunately, after the last book buying spree I am banned from purchasing mroe books, so I will probably only stop in for trivia from now on. And damn was it HARD. They make their own questions, and its multiple choice, but the topics are so random. Like “Cat Myths” and “Moonshine” random. Super fun, and well worth it just to go and experience life among the hipsters, but so. Freaking. Hard.


Every year Somerville has an arts festival called “Somerville Art Beat.” Community artists come and sell their handmade wares, food vendors come and sell me food I honestly don’t need, and I walk around wondering why the hell I am not more creative. A good time is had by all.

It, frankly, looks like every other festival in every other cool hip neighborhood but hey – those are always fun.

Ice Cream

So, hopefully everyone knows the basic ice cream places, like Baskin Robbins, Ben and Jerry’s, and even Cold Stone. But when I am in Boston there is one place I always go first – JP Licks. JP Licks is a Boston based chain, that has some cray ice cream flavors – Cape Codder? Coffee Cookie Dough? Peanut Butter Cookies and Cream? Yes please.

I had ice cream three times this weekend, fully enabled by my wonderful office’s Fun Fridays, where we get free JP Licks or Pizza. Such an awesome way to kick start the weekend.

Special Events

So every year, Revere beach hosts the International Sand Sculpting festival. Last year my friends and I went just for something to do and HOLY CRAP. Everything there is RIDICULOUSLY COOL. I mean, I can’t build a tunnel in sand, and these people build sculptures that are so amazing, and even more amazing due to their ephemeral nature.Just look at this stuff – it speaks for itself.


Basically, it has been a SUPER busy time. I have a backlog of posts I have been meaning to get to, and now that my workshop is done, I can post them! Yay~


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