What Comes Next?

I have been reflecting on the two months I have been keeping this blog, and I am finding that (much like I expected) I really like it.

Because of that, I am ceremonially changing the subtitle of my blog from “A Semester of Trying” to “A Year of Trying.” If I can keep this up for a year, I can do anything.

The question then becomes, what will I post about? After all, I will no longer be in a cool hip place where there are new things and new language learning opportunities around every corner. I will just be back in Boston – another college student doing an internship and doing research. But, I think that could also be interesting to follow.

So behold, my plan for this blog. If you’re interested, keeping following (or start to.) If not, well… I’m not going to tell for to unfollow me.


I am going to go to Washington DC twice. Once is looking like it might just be a Saturday trip (maybe I can squeeze Sunday in as well if I bus there and fly back) to visit my friend while they are kicking butt at their internship. The other will be a half pleasure, half research trip to the Library of Congress, so I can complete my research over the summer. I’ve never been to DC, so I am looking forward to doing a whirlwind trip of fun and touristy things.

I am also living in Boston this summer. Boston is actually a really cool city, that I haven’t had the opportunity to explore as much as I would like. Although I will be low on friends (they are pretty spread out in DC/Germany/Japan/Texas/California/Chicago this summer), that won’t stop me from exploring the city on my own. After all there is a good chance I might end up in a place without many friends after I graduate, so I should get used to getting out there.


I don’t think it has come up yet, but I am a History major, Education Studies minor. I am also a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow. This basically means I live to read books. My last research project in the fall was on gender, jail, and the Civil Rights Movement. I want to expand a little bit on that, and talk about (hopefully) sexual violence against African-American women as an act of terrorism. This means I get to read tons of fun books about the KKK and the police, as well as books on terrorism in general so I can talk about the problem in that framework. I will definitely write short opinion pieces on what I’ve read here, if for no other reason than to keep me accountable.

Language Study

I am taking the JLPT (again) this fall. Unlike last fall I need to ACTUALLY STUDY. So there will definitely be a few posts on learning Japanese on my own as I self-study my way through the Shin Kanzen Master books.


And speaking of studying, my goal this summer is to cook a bunch of different meals, expanding from Budget Bytes (not that Budget Bytes isn’t absolutely fabulous.) I already know in July (after the 4th, of course) I am going on a rice/pasta/bread cleanse because I have eaten SO MUCH white rice here in Japan that I really need to remove from my stomach/hips. I really love cooking, and I hope that my new sublet is as well outfitted for the venture as my last one was. If its not, then I mean I guess I can just buy new equipment? Because I will be an adult and need to use this stuff eventually probably?

So yeah. Travel/Boston/Lifestyle pieces will be interspersed as they come, with probably a food related post on Sundays because that’s all I do is cook on Sunday and then eat and reheat the same two things all week. Then research day will be Friday, and Japanese day could be Wednesday? Something along those lines.

Sorry for such a long post with no pictures, but know that cool things are coming this way. Also better quality pictures perhaps because having a blog and an instagram account is making me wish I had a HQ camera. Which I can possibly afford this summer while still saving. #hereshoping.

Anyway, Happy End-Of-May! There are cool things coming this way. Like Totoro Cream Puffs. And my birthday.


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